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Kothalahimbutu, A marvelous present from Sri Lanka called A shining island , A paradise country, shaped tear-drop of pearl in the Indian Ocean.

The traditional medicine called Ayurveda has been popular there since 5,000 years ago, much earlier than The Western Medicine invented, and it has been now prospering more and more. Kothalahimbutu is the most important plant of Hippocrateacae family indigenously grown in Sri Lanka and absolutely used for Ayurveda treatment.

This Kothalahimbutu had never been exported abroad because of scarcity under the strict surveillance by Sri Lankan government so far. It was a really dreamlike herb.It is very wonderful news that have officially obtained the permission to import them from Sri Lanka government and are able to offer this wonderful Kothalahimbutu tea to you. It`s become more popular after WHO (World Health Organization) authorized the Kothalahimbutu in the year 2002.

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