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This product utilizes molecule recognition technology gel (MetaSEP AnaLig® GL Science Inc.) to separate Lead from other metals and concentrate it at the same time. It allows to measure the red color of Lead complex reacted with 4-(2-Pyridynylazo)-resorcinol (PAR).

This method selectively measures Lead ion and offers the possibility of measuring the trace amount of Lead ion regulated for the wastewater standard level.


This product allows to measure trace amount of Lead using concentration, and separation from other metal ions. Please read this precautionary statement carefully before use.


=> If the apparatuses are contaminated with Lead or other metals, it will cause the faulse reading. Please be sure to wash the apparatuses thoroughly with pure water prior to use.

=> If pipette and syringe are contaminated, they will cause the liquid reagent to be also contaminated.

=> If the possibility of Lead contamination is concerned, transfer the liquid reagent to small beaker, then use the pipette and syringe to prevent contamination.

=> Components of perspiration may cause the wrong reading too. Please wash your hands thoroughly before using this product. The contamination of K-4 Reagent and/or eluate will affect the reading.

Precipitation and Turbidity in the Sample=> When the sample including some metals, they should be dissolved with K-1 Reagent (diluted Nitrate). However, if you can still confirm the precipitation even after using the K-1 Reagent, you may need to take additional process: boil the sample after adding K-1 Reagent or filter the sample to remove them.

Simplified Analytical Instrument

=> Not all kinds of samples are measurable with this product. We suggest to cross check on correlation between the result from this product and reference laboratory using the same sample.


=> Please use protective eyewear, mask, and gloves while using this product.

=> Please make sure you have enough ventilation while using this product.